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U Technology Co., Ltd.

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Imported electric golf carts
by U Technology Co., Ltd.

U -Technology Co., Ltd. was established from businessman and engineer with more than 20 years of experience in electric golf carts especially want to contribute to reducing air and noise pollution. Therefore, Electric Golf Carts are imported from leading factories in foreign countries. To be assembled, sell and rent to government agencies, private sectors and the general public have used high quality and American Standard in affordable price by Electric Golf Cart products. The company brought in to assemble all new cars. There is no adjustment of any kind.

      The latest innovation of emission-free electric golf carts. Both allowing you to experience comfort silence during the journey combined with protecting the environment around you and electric golf carts. It can also be adapted to suit various conditions such as hotels, resorts, village projects, and travel within private areas that do not require high speed and save costs electricity charge per kilometer less than one baht. 

     The company has many models of electric golf carts to choose from according to customer requirements.

Products are divided into 4 main groups:

1. Standard Electric Golf Cart

Mini golf carts 2 – 8 seats for every need. Lightweight, easy to use, cheap

2. Private Electric Car

Medium-sized golf carts 4 – 6 seats with accessories such as windshield wiper ,  radio and MP3 receiver.

3. Electric Sightseeing Car

Large golf carts for transportation 8 – 23 seats can accommodate many different needs.  There are accessories such as windshield wipers, Radio and MP3 receiver and Microphone.

4. Other Types of Electric Golf Carts

as pickup trucks, storage cabinets, nursing stretchers and lifters, etc.

Uegolf Thailand.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service cares about customers as one the company has prepared personnel with experience. In terms of maintenance, maintenance, electric golf carts and spare parts for the maintenance of electric golf carts in particular.

U Technology Co., Ltd. (Head Office)

1015 Lasalle Road, Bangna Subdistrict,
Bangna District, Bangkok 10260
Tax ID. Number   010-555-105-5549




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